“New Web Series Everyone is Talking About”

"I’m not a mom. I don’t want to be a mom. But if I were a mom, I’d obviously be in the Cannabis Moms Club.”

“Soccer moms are so yesterday.”

"Interview with the creators, Kai Collins and Deena Adar of all-woman production company Quiet Duke"

“The Best Web Series on the Internet Right Now”

"...marvel and appreciate the wealth of comedy talent out there ready to knock through the partitions"


  • Cannabis Moms Club

“People will fall in love with this series...each episode is legitimately laugh-out-loud funny”


  • thirty*ish*
    • Best TV Pilot, Mexico International Film Festival 2013

moviemaker magazine interview.

mcb news red carpet interview.

​awards & press.


  • First Place and Hall of Fame- PepsiCo Aquafina via GeniusRocket
  • First Place and Hall of Fame- alfresco via GeniusRocket
  • ​First Place- Skinit Spotlight Challenge
  • First Place- Zoopa Community Choice
  • ​TMZ Client Award- Zoopa "TMZ on TV"
  • ​Best of Zoopa 2010

"Reminds viewers that moms are only human, despite the superhuman responsibilities imposed upon them."


  • How to Survive a Breakup

sedona international film festival interview.

“...already earning heavy praise for its avant-garde approach.”

“Elizabeth Banks’ WhoHaHa...is getting high-larious”

"There is a point to it beyond mere laughter...Cannabis Moms Club can be a vehicle for destigmatizing the relatively harmless herb

"WhoHaHa has received over 1,000 submissions of digital series since its launch. Cannabis Moms Club is the company’s first exclusively distributed web series."

How to Survive a Breakup named one of "Eight Shorts to Search Out" at Santa Barbara International Film Festival. <--Read more here

It's an exciting time for women in comedy”

"The delightful webseries has a sympathetic cast of characters who couldn't be more different."